3 reasons not to move your portfolio to cash

Logically, you know your asset blend need to only change if your plans change. But in the face of extraordinary industry swings, you may perhaps have a hard time convincing oneself of that—especially if you’re retired or close to retirement. We’re below to help.

If you’re tempted to move your inventory or bond holdings to money when the industry drops, weigh your decision in opposition to these three details just before using any action.

  1. You will “lock in” your losses if you move your portfolio to money when the industry is down.

    After you have sold, your trade can’t be improved or canceled even if conditions improve right away. If you liquidate your portfolio today and the industry rebounds tomorrow, you can’t “undo” your trade.

    If you’re retired and count on your portfolio for cash flow, you may perhaps have to take a withdrawal when the industry is down. Though

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CFOs On the Move: Week Ending March 13

Carol Tomé

Previous House Depot CFO Carol Tomé will grow to be main govt officer at UPS on June 1. Tomé, who invested 18 yrs as the dwelling enhancement company’s CFO, is the first outside CEO retain the services of in UPS’ 112-yr background. The supply giant’s eleven prior CEOs rose by means of the organization ranks. Tomé started her profession as a commercial loan provider with United Financial institution of Denver and then was director of banking for the Johns-Manville Corporation. In advance of joining House Depot, Carol was vice president and treasurer of Riverwood Global Corporation. Tomé will consider about for David Abney, who is retiring. Abney will grow to be govt chairman of the board ahead of retiring from that at the end of September. Abney will stay as a unique specialist by means of the end of 2020 and then retire right after forty six yrs

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